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SMS Bearings brings you a wide range of automotive bearings starting with various types of tapered roller bearings, needle roller bearings, thrust bearings, ball bearings, angular contact bearings, spherical roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, thrust roller bearings, and many more.

Due to the environment in which the aerospace industry operates, they require strict standards and high-quality material. Overall, aerospace bearings are used in engines, landing gear struts, and aircraft interiors. The bearings used in the aerospace industry are mostly roller bearings, needle bearings, thrust ball bearings, and more.

With the growing population, the need for fast agricultural machineries increases. High-performance bearings are widely used in agriculture such as tapered roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, needle roller bearings, thrust ball bearings, radial needle roller & cage assemblies to name a few.

Similar to cement making, the bearings used for the construction industry require specifications that comply with heavy loads, shock loads, harsh environments, and high/low-speed rotation. For rigorous construction bearing requirements, it requires bearings that are low in maintenance cost but reliable to sustain the machineries for long. 

To avoid food contamination while in process, food-grade bearings are required. Corrosion-resistant bearings minimize food contamination and are important components throughout the manufacturing process. From chemical exposure, excessive moisture, dealing with low and high temperatures, we will help you specify which bearings are needed for your industry. 

With the level of development and infrastructures lies heavy machineries.

For your demanding and critical operations, we can optimize your projects by supporting you with heavy-duty bearings designed for heavy machineries with high-capacity specifications. 

Parallel to increasing demand for vital improvements are high-quality bearings.  Let us know your requirements. Contact us.

During our ancestors, steel and metal are already considered the main necessities in building a modern civilization.  The demand is much more during our times due to increasing improvements worldwide that require vast production of steel or metal. With fast and efficient production comes the bearings to use in machineries. We partnered with major bearing manufacturers worldwide to cater to the growing demand of the steel industry. We have premium brands and high-standard in-house brands to offer.

The mining industry’s downtime costs vary largely so equipment productivity is crucial to minimize the operational costs. Our products are backed by our premium suppliers of spherical roller bearings and tapered roller bearings specifically designed for conveying systems and propulsion track systems. 

With our expertise to analyze your requirements, your downtime and costs will generally decrease and the efficiency of your operation will improve drastically.

Safety, downtime, cost efficiency, and productivity; these are the core elements of a well-running and profitable oil & gas production facility. Drilling equipment, pumps, and oil and gas extraction equipment needs to be in tip-top condition. Heavy-duty bearings play an important role in performance and durability to maintain the operations' maximum productivity with less wasted expense. Get in touch with our sales team to assist you with your bearing requirement.  

Cement making process requires high precision and high-performance bearings. Bearings specification must comply with high temperature, heavy loads,  and corrosive environments like conveyors, horizontal  & vertical mills, clinker cooler, rotary kilns, roller presses. 

Machinery tools rely heavily on performance and reliable components.   Well lubricated high precision machine tool bearings are the main components of machinery tools to ensure the consistent operating conditions regardless of speeds and resistance towards liquids like water and coolants. Aside from bearings, we also have customized lubrication solutions to match your machinery tools. 

Ride the wave of ocean energy! Experts have proven energy creation in wind and sun, now comes water that is 70% of the total earth area of which 97% can be found in oceans. Harsh seawater condition needs special technologies that can withstand the unforgiving sea. That’s where our partners' expertise can be relied on with their optimized and ocean energy technologies, we can answer to your bearing needs in no time.   

The world cannot go fully digitalized right? Papers are still in demand and so is the paper production industry's need for bearings. High-capacity bearings are the core component of a well-running paper mill machinery. It requires extra heavy duty bearings; from spherical bearings to tapered roller bearing to cylindrical roller bearings. Our products can reduce your production cost and increases your productivity co-efficiently because it’s not substandard.

Railroads are still the most efficient transportation mode that carries a large number of passengers, chemicals, intermodal containers, or even commodities from one contact point to the other at a faster speed. How do we keep good railroads/railways? The answer is maintenance. Railroads /railways consist of hundreds of thousands of moving parts from complex mechanical to electrical systems wherein bearings play a major part.    

Refineries are typically large with extensive piping spreading throughout its sprawling complexes. The plant uses technologies that require high-capacity bearings to reduce downtime. Special types of bearings could be used similar to that of chemical plants because of the harsh condition in processing the crude oil and transforming it into more utilized and commercialized products like LPG, jet fuels, and more. Refineries can also be done with other substances.

In 2018, renewable energy made up of 26.2 % of global electricity generation which is expected to rise to 45% by 2040. Wind turbine power generators need a high level of durability and reliability that’s why every bearing in the Wind Turbine is manufactured to withstand the extreme weather condition. At SMS, we can supply you with main shaft bearings of various types and sizes, gearbox bearings, generator bearing, and product peripheral equipment. 

In every industry, bearings are utilized under different kinds of severe conditions. For example, bearings used in aircraft, railway stocks, and automobiles are needed to have extreme reliability due to safety reasons as, during operation, bearings are never allowed to malfunction.  Whereas bearings used in machine tool spindles are essential to have ultra-high rotational speed performance and high running accuracy. Bearings for rolling mills must withstand heavy loads and high-speed rotations as well as very severe operating environments. 

We have a comprehensive range of products for types of machinery in textile production.      We offer components with anti-corrosion protection for steel, friction reduction, and protection against wear and tear. The industry uses mostly radial ball bearings, friction spindle bearings,  compacting rollers, and more. With the right sealing solutions and relubrication facility, the life effectiveness of your machineries will save you production cost and time. You will never go out of fashion with our range of bearings for textile production. Call us to know more.



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