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Spark plugs with silver center electrode of small diameter, especially suitable for engines powered by LPG and CNG as well as racing engines.


Replacement interval: see the table below.


The use of gaseous fuel saves the users considerable financial resources and is more environmentally friendly. BRISK Tábor places great emphasis on ecology and therefore developed the SILVER special spark plug range, which has been used for many years by customers from all over the world. The spark plug design eliminates problems caused by the different characteristics of LPG and CNG fuel from the original installation when running on petrol. The high thermal conductivity of silver offsets the higher heat stress without changing the thermal value of the spark plug and thoroughly covers the requirements of the engine even when running on petrol. The shape of the electrode and smaller electrode gap reduces the demand for voltage supplied by the ignition system. The open spark gap does not hinder propagation of the flame front and ensures perfect burning of the mixture, which is advantageous even when using the SILVER range spark plugs for racing engines.





* custom production

P sealing washer

K sealing cone

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